Lady Gaga’s new beau Michael Polansky – Who is he & What is his net worth?

Lady Gaga is a globally renowned singer and fashion influencer, who is extremely popular for her songs, style, and mystic presence both on and off the stage. Being an icon of the famous American pop-culture, Lady Gaga has always been surrounded by fame, glamour, affairs, and controversies. So when the news of her new partner hit social media, the world was excited to know about him.

The new man in Gaga’s life is Michael Polansky, a Harvard graduate in Economics and Rural Development, who has been sharing an office with Facebook co-founder Sean Parker as they run the successful multi-million dollar establishment of Sean’s Cancer Immunotherapy. Mr. Polanski is also the CEO of the Parker Group, who are known for their charitable work and other significant assets in the IT Industry. The pair reportedly met first at one of Sean’s Party where the two hit it off and since had been in regular contact until getting into a relationship. Presently Micheal’s Net worth is around $600 million, with more than 11 jobs listed in his LinkedIn profile, he is certainly a man of plan and prosperity. 

Lady Gaga and Michael Polansky had been seen together several times before their relationship status went public but it was the official statement on their relationship on Instagram, which made all the headlines. Lady Gaga is now worth around $300 million and if the couple is to settle down in the near future uniting via holy matrimony, they would make for a real power couple.

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