Pamela Anderson’s secret fifth wedding

A piece of new news has started a drift on Instagram about Pamela Anderson’s fifth marriage. So what’s so unique about this fifth marriage of the famous Canadian-American Actress and supermodel? Well, firstly it was a secret marriage, Secondly, it wasn’t with any celebrity or business personality. It was with her bodyguard Dan Hayhurst.

The pair eventually fell in love during the pandemic and this shared time was so exclusive to them that they planned on getting married on Pamela’s grandparent’s property in Canada, which she had bought 25 years ago. This backyard of the countryside has a strong emotional connection with Pamela as it was the same place where her parents were married and they are still together. So she wanted to continue the tradition of successful marriage from the very backyard where her life started. 

Dan Hayhurst, the lucky fifth suitor in Pamela’s life hails from a similar small hometown of Vancouver Island, Canada from where Pamela started her journey of claiming fame. The couple seems to be really happy together and Pamela’s fans are seriously overjoyed by this marriage.

Presently Pamela Denise Anderson is worth around $12 million, backed up by a lifetime endorsement from adult-franchise giants Playboy Inc. As of now, the couple is really happy with the step they have taken and hope to stay together forever.

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