Katie Price sees a drop in her Net Worth

Katie Price is a well-known TV personality, model, and businesswoman. She rosed to the peak of her stardom in the year 1996 when she was a sought-after English model starring on the cover pages of various well-known brands of Fashion and lifestyle magazines like The Sun and The Daily Star. She eventually blazed on towards the path of fame and success with the release of her first album and authored books.

But 2021 has seen her at rock-bottom which no one expected. As of 2021, her net worth has dropped down to just $1 million, a far cry from the wealth she once possessed. Until 2019, Katie was estimated to have $6.5 million. But her wheel of fortune turned to a different path as the pandemic hit the entire world. Her stock has fallen down faster than anything, with her eventually loaning huge sums of money from banks. She eventually was submerged in a debt from unpaid dues and the purchase of farm machinery. 

This rapid fall from grace can be due to various reasons from boundless carefree spending on unnecessary things to bad investments. The other nail in the coffin strikes as Katie has not made a major TV appearance for years, which has drastically depleted her fan-following and net-worth. 

The only silver lining to the story is Katie is now taking things seriously and spending on necessary things and catering to the needs of her five children who are growing fast. She obviously still continues to have a great lifestyle cushioned by brand deals and more.  

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