Chikki Panday Net Worth

Chikki Panday Net Worth:
$1-5 Million


Aloke Sharad Panday, popularly known as Chikki Panday, is a Mumbai-based Indian businessman. He is the co-founder of  ‘Akshara Foundation of Arts & Learning’ with Ranjeet Deshmukh that has the motto to help underprivileged children receive an education. He was a member of the Steel Consumers Council, which was part of the Ministry of Steel of the Government of India. He was appointed to the Information Technology of the Government of India’s Department of Telecommunications.

Short Profile

  • First Name: Chikki
  • Last Name: Panday
  • Age: 54 years
  • Gender: Male
  • Profession: Businessman
  • Country: India

Chikki Panday Net Worth

Chikki Panday’s net worth as estimated in the year 2021 is to be around  $3 to $6 million.

Chikki Panday Age, Height and Weight

Chikki Panday was born on November 13, 1966, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Chikki Panday is 51 years old as recorded in 2021. Chikki Pandey’s height as of now is 5ft 11in (1.80m) and his weight is 69kg. 

Some Facts about Chikki Panday

  1. Chikki Panday is actor Chunky Pandey’s younger brother. He is married to Deanne Pandey and is the father of two children, Alanna Panday and Ahaan Panday.
  2. Chikki Panday is an entrepreneur and businessman from India. 
  3. Chikki Panday was born in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh.
  4. He is the creator of the ‘Akshara Foundation of Arts & Learning,’ a non-profit organization dedicated to providing education to underprivileged children.
  5. In October 2015, he was also appointed to the Telephone Advisory Committees of the Ministry of Communications.

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