Veronique Cloutier Net Worth

Veronique Cloutier Net Worth:
$10 Million


Veronique Cloutier is a television personality who is 46 years old and a Canadian citizen. She is the daughter of Stéphanie Cloutier and the daughter of producer Guy Cloutier. She’s hosted several Radio-Canada shows, including La Fureur, Véro, and Paquet Voleur. Her Rythme FM daily broadcast, Le Véro Show, is one of the most popular radio shows in Quebec.

Short Profile

  • First Name: Veronique
  • Last Name: Cloutier
  • Age: 46 years
  • Gender: Female
  • Profession: TV Star
  • Country: Canada

Veronique Cloutier Net Worth

Veronique Cloutier’s net worth is believed to be $10 million.

Veronique Cloutier Age, Height and Weight

Veronique Cloutier is a 46-year-old woman (as of 2021). Veronique’s height and weight are yet to be determined.

Some Facts about Veronique Cloutier

  1. Louis Morissette, a French Canadian comedian, is Cloutier’s husband.
  2. Delphine Cloutier-Morissette and Raphaelle Cloutier-Morissette are their daughters, while Justin Cloutier-Morissette is their son.
  3. Cloutier worked on the CKAC radio show Bonjour Champion while in high school.
  4. She also worked on the radio programme Virus Chronique at the University of Montreal’s campus radio station, CISM-FM. In 1990, she made her first appearance on the Quebec television network TVA’s broadcast on Les Mini-Stars.
  5. Cloutier was the master of ceremonies at the Molson Centre in Montreal in April 2002 for Céline Dion’s performance La Fureur de Céline, which drew 15,000 fans. She starred in her first film, Les Dangereux, directed by Louis Saia and produced by Richard Goudreau, in the summer of 2002.
  6. Cloutier hosted Radio-annual Canada’s New Year’s TV special, Bye Bye, in December 2008. Cloutier and Louis Morissette produced the show, which received over 1,300 complaints from viewers who found it vulgar, angry, and racist for material.

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