Rudy signs a new deal with high-flying Utah Jazz Net Worth

Rudy signs a new deal with high-flying Utah Jazz Net Worth:

Rudy Gobert made headlines back in 2020 as the first NBA player to contact COVID-19, as a result NBA was shut down for four months. But as conditions have gained stability, to everyone’s surprise Rudy Gobert has signed one of the largest contracts in NBA history with Utah Jazz.

Gobert and Utah Jazz have signed a 5-year deal worth $205 million. It also includes exclusive brand deals associated with the club. Interestingly, Rudy was liable to sign an even bigger contract worth $228 million but he retracted that chance. “For me, it was important to show the team that the game is not all about money. This contract pays me well and provides a personal flexibility”, said Rudy.

Gobert has shown his consistency as a solid defender deep in the court, by winning Defensive Player of the year consecutively in 2017-18 and 2018-19 respectively. As he is now at the final year of his four-year $102 million deal, Utah Jazz is very happy to retain his services and the versatile player is reaching the peak years of his playing career aged 28.

Rudy Gobert wants to retire as a legend at Utah Jazz fulfilling his dream of ‘creating a legacy with the Jazz’.

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