Jojo Siwa’s new secret, Not a Secret anymore

Jojo Siwa, a famous American dancer, TV celebrity, and Social Media Influencer gained her stardom when she participated in the famous reality show ‘Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition”, followed by “Dance Moms” and other small and big reality-shows. Her stardom reached its peak when she got access to Youtube.

She has since slowly built a strong fanbase and is now a well-known personality. Presently, she sits as one of the richest and most influential people under the age of 18. Everything was alive and kicking for the 17-year-old until Jan 23, 2021, when she posted a pic of her on her social media handle on Instagram.

She was seen wearing a t-shirt which was gifted to her via one of her cousins which had bold letters “BEST GAY COUSIN EVER” printed on it. This sight caused a rumble of comments among her fans and followers on Instagram. The news which openly claims the homosexuality of a famous personality is always met with mixed views and something similar happened in Jojo’s case.

Many congratulated her for coming out while a lot of them were in a sense of disbelief and mockery. This one single post has seen a downfall in her number of followers on Instagram but the girl has made a bold choice to disclose her sexual orientation, which obviously requires lots of guts. With a net worth of around $14 million and millions of followers, Jojo sure is ready to take larger strides towards a better career.

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