Jack Ma Goes Missing! No Public Appearance since October Net Worth

Jack Ma Goes Missing! No Public Appearance since October Net Worth:

It has been reported that the Chinese Billionaire Jack Ma has not been seen since October. Co-incidentally, the timeline clashes with when he openly criticized the Communist Government of China. As per the Chinese Communist Party’s official news outlet, the Alibaba founder is at an undisclosed location ‘embracing supervision’. However, the same story was revoked by the newspaper after a few days.

Jack Ma is one of the richest individuals in China with a net worth of whopping $51.1 billion. The e-commerce tycoon has been in the controversies throughout 2020 which led to an outrage of public sentiments against him. He was given titles like the Evil Capitalist, Villain, Bloodsucking Ghost, and a lot more. This outrage came amidst his troubles with the ruling Chinese government.

Ma was critical of the Chinese banking officials and the system, describing their functioning as ‘Pawnshop mentality’. This lead to the suspension of an initial public offerings worth $37 billion of Ma’s Ant Group. Even Alibaba is facing antitrust investigation by the Chinese government.

Jack Ma, who was initially a teacher, realized the potential of Internet when he first visited the United States. He started an online shop from his bedroom in Hangzhou taking loans from his friends which is now known as the e-commerce giant Alibaba. If the reports are true, then Jack Ma joins a list of high profile Chinese personalities like the scientist He Jiankui and a Chinese actress who have suddenly gone missing only to come back after serving house arrest or imprisonment.

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